FisherMate Social Circle

Love talking about fishing? Enjoy the friendly banter and a giggle, then join FisherMate for a social circle without the fuss. 

 We found other social media platforms were getting a bit silly and the groups available were often met with limitations such as who you are friends with or if you agree with the admins opinions or other nonsense. Fishing isn’t about who has the most mates, or who you do or don’t agree with. Its all bit silly isn’t it. With FisherMate social your free to join any group, all groups are managed by us and as long as you follow our community guidelines and be nice to each other then your welcome to stay and chat and meet new friends. Our guidelines are very simple ans can be found here, If you can agree to that then great, register for free and join in.

No Notifications

We lead busy lives and don't always want to be disturbed when some random person comments on a post you liked 3 months ago. We never send you notifications when it isn't needed.

Open Groups

You can join as many groups as you like and you won't have to answer half a dozen questions first or agree to using certain equipment (we have seen it!) just join in and have fun.

Our Community

You can chat about anything here, have debates, ask advice or give advice. All we ask is that you follow our community guidelines. Generally just play nice and help each other.


We don't want to know if know these people from school or where you worked 6 years ago and we will never use your data in nefarious ways, We just need email, name & interests.

All sound good?

We hope so. FisherMate Social is free to use for life but occasionally you will see ads throughout the site. We use the income generated from these ads to pay for the website, maintenance and new features and if your feeling very generous, Pop over to our store and buy some merchandise. Every penny and every click really helps.

We have a few groups for you to join such as...

Freshwater Fishing

Take your time and enjoy the blissful views and light breeze whilst patiently watching your float or your quiver tips. This group is for the freshwater enthusiasts or people looking for a calm place to discover the beauty of specimen fishing.

Sea fishing

the salty air, the stiff breeze and a the frothy peaks of a rolling tide. These are all things a beach angler enjoys as well as of course, catching some great looking fish for sport, or for the table. This is a great group to chat about trigs, locations, species and of course, the EU rules and regs. all good for a hearty debate. 

Predator fishing

If teeth are your thing then this groups for you. The focus is on predator fishing from lures to deadbaits and everything in between. This group is to discuss your favourite catches, rigs and stalking tactics. Feel free to show off your favourite catch or show your respect for your favourite species. 

Fly Fishing

For the finer fishing gentlemen, Fly Fishing has always been portrayed as an artistic approach to fishing, from tieing your own natural flys, mimicking the natural prey of your target species, to the minute movements to prompt a bite. This group is for the distinguished gentlemen who enjoys twitching there tips thigh deep in a babbling brook. 

The Tackle Shop

A place to have a general chat about all things fishing, current news and events and general chit chat not specific to any specialty. Grab a cuppa and a stool and chew the fat with your fellow anglers.


Wildlife & Conservation

Many anglers enjoy nature as a whole and a lot of us enjoy taking pictures of what we see and taking a moment to enjoy our surroundings. This group is to have a great chat about mother anture, conservation and the latest news from our friends at the Environmental Agency.


Fishing Buddies

Its great to fish alone but even better to fish with friends sometimes. If you are looking to meet some new anglers, perhaps you have moved to a new area or are starting fishing after some time off then join this group and say hi. Its a friendly place so don’t be shy. 

We also occasionally write articles for you to read

Sometimes we enjoy writing about a new piece of tackle, some news or even just to express our thoughts on something as well as fishing reports if we have had a great day (or not!) and sometimes location reviews. We like to keep it open and broad but if you would like to write an article yourself or would like a certain pierce of tackle reviewed then let us know and we will do what we can to help you. 

Our Journey

A short intro to us, where we have been and where we want to go and what we discovered throughout out time.